​- rory howard provides a bespoke advisory service to private art collectors

​- the global turnover for artworks in 2011 was estimated by the european fine art foundation to be over $60 billion. in this highly-competitive but extremely opaque market it is vital to be well-advised - rory howard has the necessary expert knowledge, experience and contacts - all of which are key to helping clients to make informed decisions

- art galleries hold stock, and are primarily motivated by the sale of that stock, rather than the interests of any potential buyer or seller. likewise, auction houses  have as their motivation the selling of as many lots in their auctions  as possible, regardless of whether the price is or is not advantageous to the potential buyer or indeed seller.

- rory howard addresses this gap in the market, working solely in the interests of his clients, making sure that their needs are expertly and objectively addressed.


andy warhol, large campbell's soup can, 1964, silkscreen on canvas

bought and sold by rory howard

estimated current value $8-10m.